ABOUT The Cyberhawks

We the Cyberhawks are a FIRST Tech Challenge team. This is our third year doing FTC. We have 4 team members, 2 mentors and are looking to expand. Our team started as an FLL for 2 years then wanted to learn more. We are a home team ran out of a garage in Hermantown Minnesota.

Team Members and Coaches

Team Member

Jack Jaros

Hi, I’m Jack Jaros and I am a freshman at Hermantown High School. I joined FTC so I could continue expanding my knowledge through the F.I.R.S.T. program and have fun. I really enjoy hunting, fishing, and four wheeling. This is my fifth year in robotics. I have been in F.I.R.S.T. Lego League for 2 years and this is my third year in FIRST Tech Challenge. I love the challenge of making a robot solve challenges. I love trying to figure how to build a robot to solve a problem and figure out how to solve problems. I love all aspects of FTC.

Ethan Stephenson

Team Member

My name is Ethan and I’ve been in FIRST for four years.  I am an 8th grader at Hermantown Middle School. This is my fourth year programming and building robots for FIRST.  I like the logistics of programming and enjoy working with computers. I also like trying to think of solutions to robot game challenges. In my spare time, I enjoy playing video games, playing the trumpet, skiing, hiking, and reading.  I’m looking forward to our second year as an FTC team.

Jonah Wright

Team Member

My name is Jonah Wright and this is my very first year in FTC and FIRST altogether. I go to Hermantown Middle School and I’m in eighth grade. I found out about FTC and the team through Jack, Mateo, and Ethan. This year I heard that the team was looking for people and I decided that I should try it. Other things that I like to do besides robotics are, ATV riding, soccer, basketball, snowboarding, snowmobiling, and water skiing.

Wayne Stephenson


Hello, my name is Wayne Stephenson and I am a co-coach for the CyberHawks.  My son, Ethan, is on the team. I have been a journeyman electrician for 25 years and currently work for Benson Electric.  I’ve been helping the team for the past four years.  

Joel Jaros


My Name is Joel Jaros and work for ArrowHead Panels and Controls. I am the head coach of the CyberHawks and am the parent of Jack. I created the company ArrowHead Panels and controls in 2014. I am an electrical engineer for ArrowHead Panels and controls. This will be my fifth year coaching for the CyberHawks (2 years in FLL and 3 in FTC).

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Team History /  Accomplishments

FIRST Tech Challenge seasons

Skystone 2019 / 20

Eagan (November 16th)

  • The Think Award

  • ​The Inspire 2nd Place​

  • Nominated for the Design Award

    • The Design Award​ is granted to the team that distinguished their robot from others by structural or aesthetics.

  • Nominated for the Motivate

    • The Motivate ​award is granted to to the team that promotes FIRST and it's programs while recruiting for all types of STEM

  • We were on the finalist alliance

  • The Inspire 2nd Place

North Branch, MN (December 14th)

  • The Think Award

    • The Think Award is given to the team with the best Engineering Notebook​.

  • The Inspire 2nd Place

    • The Inspire Award is given to the team that is the best in all categories.

  • Nominated foe the Control award

    • The ​Control Award is granted to the team that uses sensors and uses algorithms to enhance their robot.

Rover Ruckus 2018 / 19)

North Branch(December 1st)

  • Motivate Award

Burnsville(January 19th)

  • We were on the finalist alliance

  • The Inspire 2nd Place

State at Washington Technology Magnet School

  • Nominated for Control Award


Hydrodynamics 2017 / 18

Hermantown(December 8th)

  • Robot Design Award

    • Teams robot shows unique designs and has strong aspects​


  • Innovative Design

    • This award is granted to the team that has an Innovative design that benefits the team's robot

  • Head to Head Award

    • We played directly against other teams and we were the best

State at Washington Technology Magnet School

  • Nominated for Innovative Design Award

Animal Allies 2016 / 17

Duluth at Marshal Private School

  • We did not win any awards at this event but had alot of fun!